Q:  ” What is an open air photo booth? “

A:  Unlike the traditional enclosed booth that only allows 2-3 guests inside during a single session, our open aired photo booth is a backdrop with plenty of space for large groups of your guests during their session.

Q:  ” Is your booth handicap accessible? “

A:  ABSOLUTELY!  We designed our open aired booth around accessibility for everyone!


Q:  ” Can I personalize my template and use my own logo ore crest with the template the guests take home? “

A:  Yes!  We personalize your template to your party theme, and can include your logo, monogram, or your family crest to help personalize your template to exactly how you want it!

Q:  ” I have an outdoor event.  Can you do outdoor photo booths? “

A:  In short…. yes WEATHER PERMITTING.  We MUST have access to electricity, and set up must be free from wind and on even ground!  If rain is expected for your event, please have a covered and safe place for our equipment and attendants.

Q:  ” What is a Green Screen Photo Booth?  And how does it differ from your Basic Photo Booth? “

A:  Our Basic Photo Booth only offers a white or black background.  Our Green Screen Photo Booth has a green background, but guests have the option of selecting up to 5 backgrounds (chosen by you) to slide in behind them during the photo booth session.  Our Green Screen option allows each visit through our photo booth to be different than the last.

Q:  ” Do you offer Social Media? “

A:  Yes we do!  We offer text, email, and upload directly to social media.  We are also now offer Gif’s as part of the Social Media.

Q:  ” Is there a live attendant(s) on site to manage the photo booth? “

A:  Yes!  We offer 1-2 on site attendants at every event.  Attendants are there to help in case there is a problem with the booth and assist your guests during your event…..they will even venture out to gather guests to visit the photo booth.

Q:  ” Am I charged for the time it takes to set up and tear down the photo booth?  And how much space is required for set up? “

A:  We NEVER charge any fees for set up or tear down of our equipment..  We only charge for the time the booth is required.  We require a 10×10 space with access to an electrical outlet.

Q:  ” Do downloads cost anything after my event? “

A:  No!  Downloads after your event are FREE for you and your guests!

Q:  ” Are there limits to how many times you can go through the photo booth? “

A:  No!  We actually encourage guests to come through the booth multiple times, especially if it’s a Green Screen Event.  Green Screens can offer up to 5 different backgrounds, so each visit through the booth will produce a different template!