Templates are the 4x6 card which is printed for each guest.  Your template design will be the same for every picture that is printed.  This is where we will place the verbiage of your event.  We are striving to add more templates, but templates are designed around YOUR party.  We work with theme's and/or color schemes to achieve the personalized template that is tailored for your party.  We can include crests, company logos, monogram's etc. to include on your template as well.

Green Screen Backgrounds

Green Screen Backgrounds are only available for our Green Screen Option.  This will be the background that shows up behind your guests picture.  When your guests enter the booth, they will step in front of a green screen cloth.  Your guests can then choose up to 5 different backgrounds (chosen by you) from our booth touch screen monitor.  The picture is then printed with your guests background choice!  We are not limited to these photos, so if you have a themed party, please let us know and we will find photos to go with your theme!

Basic Photo Booth

Basic Photo Booth Backgrounds are a solid white or black background. You may feel free to buy streamers to place in front of your background choice, or place our booth in front of a wall, but backgrounds as seen above will not be available for this option. Your guests will step into our booth in front of the color (white or black) of your choice.  Different background choices are not available for our Basic Photo Booth option.